Risk management, made easier

Effectively managing your company’s risks is a complex yet critical part of operating a successful business today. At Accurate Protection, we help companies solve the risk management puzzle. We work directly with our clients to help identify risks and develop a smart approach to reducing or eliminating their exposures. In addition, our detailed, multi-part education program, Work Smart, gives business owners additional tools to implement or expand their own risk mitigation programs. With more than 30 documented smart business practices in every area. Work Smart helps business leaders develop activities, policies and procedures that can reduce unnecessary business risks.

It’s estimated that two-thirds of all small businesses aren’t effectively managing risks, which can result in devastating circumstances. According to a report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses do not reopen following an unexpected event and another 25% fail within one year after one occurs. Not being prepared could mean the end of your business.

On the other hand, a solid preparedness and risk management plan can dramatically increase the likelihood that your business will survive a major setback. Some risks are difficult or even impossible to plan for, of course. The global pandemic, for example, took much of the global business world by surprise — it’s one of those risks that few of us could have anticipated. But business owners can plan for so many other unpredictable events, such as major Internet or power outages, weather disasters, flooding, wildfires and other location or industry-specific threats.

A quality preparedness plan includes details such as a list of alternative suppliers should something happen to your existing supplier or supplier base and how your company would operate in a disaster. Here are some important questions to ask yourself: Are you following best practices to manage your company’s internal and external risks effectively? Do you have alternative work sites so that you can keep operating if your building is flooded or destroyed by fire? Do you have a way to keep employees informed of a major business problem? Do you have a backup of all important files and documents stored off-site? Is your insurance plan adequate? Are you doing everything you can to reduce unnecessary risks?

We can help you determine the greatest risks to your organization and help you find the most cost-effective ways to mitigate those threats. We don’t sell insurance, we get your business the accurate protection it needs.