10931330_MWhether it involves rain or snow on an outdoor walkway or a wet office floor, falls are one of the leading types of workplace accidents across a wide range of industries. And they can cause serious and even life-threatening injuries.

If your business owns or leases its own property, you must make a reasonable effort to reduce the potential for falls and other types of injuries to your customers and employees. Any business that has people visiting its facility has this unique type of risk, which can substantially increase in the fall and winter months when it’s rainy, icy, or snowy outside. It’s important to survey your risks and have a plan in place to manage them.

In regards to falls, are you careful when you clean office floors to dry them adequately? Do you make an effort to reduce tripping hazards, such as electrical cords or uneven flooring? Do your steps or walkways get slippery when it rains? Who is responsible for checking to see if the outdoor areas leading to your front door are safe? Does your past loss history demonstrate any areas you need to carefully manage? Providing employee safety training, having an effective safety program and taking preventive steps are important ways to help manage employee accidents and other adverse events.

At Accurate Protection, we have an extensive amount of resources for you to help create or improve a workplace safety program that addresses accidents and much more. We also have tools to help you promote safety awareness, including payroll stuffers, informational flyers and newsletters. We also have all of the resources you need to hold safety meetings.

Risk is one of the greatest challenges for any type of business, yet risk management is an area that’s hard to make time for and handle correctly. That’s where Accurate Protection steps in. We work directly with our clients, helping to identify risks and providing support for a smart approach to reducing or eliminating exposure.

Our detailed, multi-part education program, Work Smart, gives business owners the tools they need to implement their own risk mitigation programs. Filled with more than 30 documented smart business practices in every area, from hiring to pre-incident planning, Work Smart helps business leaders develop activities, policies and procedures that can reduce unnecessary business risks. It’s one of the many ways that Accurate Protection offers much more than the typical insurance broker. From compliance to communication, we provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company.

Let us teach you how to better manage risk and more effectively manage your risks and workers’ compensation program. Learn more about us on our website: https://accurateprotection.com/