47073710 - female hand signing contract.We’ve all heard that story – the “I didn’t know it wasn’t covered” story. People who get in a car accident didn’t realize that they’re not covered for renting a car while their vehicle is repaired, or homeowners find out they aren’t covered for flood damage when they go to file a claim. How do you keep this from happening to you at your business?

Here are some of the specific insurance coverages you may consider adding into your business insurance policy:

General Liability: This is coverage against claims for injury on your business property.

Product Liability: This offers protection in the event of faulty products that lead to damage, illness, injury or death.

Property Insurance: Protects your commercial business property against losses caused by fire, storms, or other damage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Covers damage company vehicles, injury to company employees, and overall provides protection against company liability in the event of an accident.

Workers Compensation: Coverage for your employees in the event of illness or injury at the workplace.

Cybercrime Insurance: This is relatively new type of insurance that can help provide protection in the case of a cybercrime, like data theft or loss of revenue due to a website being compromised.

The biggest key to making sure you don’t have any gaps in your coverage in case of a crisis is working with someone who can learn about your business and make the recommendations that are right for you. It’s important to work alongside an expert to create your policy; it’s equally important to take the time to read and re-read the policy contract to make sure everything you want is there and that you understand all the fine print before signing. While there are plenty more exciting things to spend your time reading in your business day – like soaring sales reports – this document is one of the most foundational in securing your future.

Whether your business is brand new or an established pillar of the community, we can make sure that you’re covered for what you need and ensure there are no gaps in your coverage. To help examine your current coverage or create a custom coverage proposal for your business, call us today.