Insurance is essential for any business. Having a plan to protect your assets in case of emergency is one of the ways you can secure peace of mind. One way to help reduce overall 26107744_Mrisk – and your potential for needing to file insurance claims in the first place – is with a comprehensive fleet management program in place. Here are some ways to improve your fleet safety to improve your business and increase confidence in your company.

  1. Increase training opportunities: Training shouldn’t just be an on-boarding experience. A safer fleet starts with understanding risks, and making sure your employees understand them too. Requiring mandatory continued education on best practices, regulations, and technology helps to create more education drivers and safer conditions overall.
  2. Create consequences: Certain things create a much greater risk to your fleet. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using a cell phone while driving, or using personal vehicle for company business can all create more risk for your organization, so maintaining strict discipline for these types of infractions can discourage these actions and help make your fleet safer.
  3. Rank your risk: One way to reduce is to rank drivers based on a custom risk profile, and then allocate resources to higher risk situations.
  4. Use technology to train: Having hard statistics can help you create better training materials. Using technology and driving monitoring programs can help your company see the whole picture – speeds, braking, gas efficiency – can focus your efforts on what areas could benefit from specific training.

Accurate Protection is proud to offer risk management materials to all of our clients, with educational benefits to strengthen and support your business, including information on fleet safety, pre-incident planning, workplace safety, and claims mitigation. For more information on how we can help to manage and reduce your business risk, get in touch today.