Drone technology: the future of insurance claims

39230811 - drone flying in the sunsetOn any given day when looking into the sky, you are more likely to see a drone than ever before. Both affordable and accessible, drones are a relatively new technology but are gaining in popularity for recreational as well as commercial use. As drone use increases and the technology improves, insurance companies are finding innovative ways to use drones in handling claims.

Where a traditional property insurance claim may take weeks to process, with a drone, it could be handled within minutes! With an aerial view of a property, an immediate assessment of damage can be made. This not only includes small property insurance claims but also catastrophic claims, the kind that occur after a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado.

Recent years have seen an uptick in natural disaster activity in the United States. For the insurance adjuster, even getting to a site where a natural disaster occurred could be a difficult or impossible feat. Maps and 3D models made with drone technology can cut the time needed to get to and assess a claim as well as keeping adjusters safe. It also significantly reduces the cost of processing a claim for insurance companies.

Cutting down on claims processing times is huge for insurance companies. Every day homeowners are unable to occupy their home is another day of paying additional living expense claims. For business owners, the insurance company must pay business interruption costs for every day they are closed.

Not only do drones make processing claims more efficient for insurance companies, there are also many benefits for the insurance customer. The sooner a claim can be processed and paid, the sooner homeowners and businesses can get back to normal everyday life.

Drones are redefining the customer experience for policyholders. Customers want fast and efficient claims service and with drone technology, these demands are being met.