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  • What We Do

    Accurate Protection reveals unrecognized problems and delivers unanticipated solutions allowing you unforseen opportunities for better protection of your company assets. Our comprehensive view of your insurance program ensures that every avenue for risk mitigation and cost containment is explored.

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  • Risk Management

    Our unique process, Accurate Protection 365, will give you the tools to easily and effectively manage risks, control claim costs, increase safety awareness and build employee morale. We produce positive results that place risk management resources where they yield the highest return.

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  • Accurate Protection Connect

    Accurate Protection Connect is your all access pass to valuable business resources. It is available on demand — 24/7 — through our secure, web-based platform.

    Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    Cost containment, Safety programs, OSHA compliance,Claims reporting, Employee communication,Legislative updates and more.





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  • Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    • Cost containment
    • Safety programs
    • OSHA compliance
    • Claims reporting
    • Employee communication
    • Legislative updates and more

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  • Experience Modification Review

    Accurate Protection provides an in depth analysis of your experience mod. We pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency and severity, and develop specialized loss solutions to address your business’ specific needs. Call us today to reduce your experience mod and discover competitive advantages available to you.

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Value Added Services

Our Vision

Accurate Protection’s vision is to become indispensable to your business with our knowledge, consulting, technology and service. Our comprehensive understanding of your business enables us to work with you to tailor strategies that fit the unique needs of your business. With hard work and proven methods we strive to ensure that you keep more of your hard earned money. Here are some of the value added services we offer you:

Accurate Protection Connect

Gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging business environment by taking advantage of our web based client resource center. Customized to your needs there is an wealth of valuable information, on a wide and diverse variety of issues, that comes to you without having to sort through vast amounts of information on the internet or pay various vendors– all you have to do is search our concise database.

What will you find in our Accurate Protection Connect:

      • Collaborate with business peers in a dynamic interactive online forum;
      • Develop a customized safety manual;
      • Access our online OSHA reporting system;
      • Legislative updates;
      • Convenient 24/7 online claims reporting;
      • Create customized employee newsletters an payroll stuffers and
      • Gain access to a library of over 1,000 downloadable articles in both English and Spanish.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of our Accurate Protection Connect.

      Accurate Protection 365

   Simple Effective Accurate Protection


Experience Modification Review

Your Experience Mod drives the cost of your workers’ compensation program. Accurate Protection has powerful analytical tools to identify and analyze problem areas that are escalating your premiums. Our thorough analysis allows us to work with you to develop targeted solutions to save you money on both claims and premiums be developing strategies to control both the frequency and severity of claims.

Safety Programs

Accurate Protection has extensive resources needed for you to improve upon your current workplace safety program or develop a new one. Beyond the program development we also have a wide range of tools needed to promote safety awareness. From payroll stuffers, informational flyers and employee surveys to newsletters, audit forms as well as the information needed to run safety meetings.

Loss Control

A well designed loss control program is an important cost control measure. Utilize our resources to help you minimize your losses and protect your bottom line.

Return To Work Program

Accident prevention and a return to work program are essential to control your workers’ compensation costs and reduce losses. Utilize our resources for creating an effective return to work program. Return valued employees to work sooner, boost employee morale, discourage abuse and control costs.

OSHA Compliance

Accurate Protection delivers the strategies, tools and resources you need to assist with OSHA standards and requirements. In matters ranging from understanding OSHA regulations, preparing for an OSHA inspection to record keeping capabilities and relevant legislative updates we have the information you need.

Custom Communication

In your customized online resource center you will find an extensive library of cost containment and loss control tools, with a broad range of communications, including ready-to-use employee newsletters, posters and payroll stuffers. Within your online resource center you also have access to professionals from all over the country for knowledge sharing opportunities.

Fraud Prevention

There are key steps you can take for effective fraud prevention but the most important steps are strong internal controls. Utilize the resources we have at Accurate Protection to put the policies, procedures and activities in place to prevent fraud.

Risk Management

Risk should be actively managed not simply insured. We work with you through our Accurate Protection 365 risk management process to identify and analyze exposures in your business operations. Based on this information we will help you establish and execute a risk management strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Accurate Protection can help you manage the six steps in risk management

1. Identify
2. Analyze
3. Control
4. Design
5. Implement
6. Monitor

Insurance coverage is only part of the risk management process, we have tools to implement risk reduction strategies for your business and we’re eager to share them with you. The risks you face do not stop and neither do our efforts to protect you and your business.