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  • What We Do

    Accurate Protection reveals unrecognized problems and delivers unanticipated solutions allowing you unforseen opportunities for better protection of your company assets. Our comprehensive view of your insurance program ensures that every avenue for risk mitigation and cost containment is explored.

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  • Risk Management

    Our unique process, Accurate Protection 365, will give you the tools to easily and effectively manage risks, control claim costs, increase safety awareness and build employee morale. We produce positive results that place risk management resources where they yield the highest return.

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  • Accurate Protection Connect

    Accurate Protection Connect is your all access pass to valuable business resources. It is available on demand — 24/7 — through our secure, web-based platform.

    Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    Cost containment, Safety programs, OSHA compliance,Claims reporting, Employee communication,Legislative updates and more.





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  • Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    • Cost containment
    • Safety programs
    • OSHA compliance
    • Claims reporting
    • Employee communication
    • Legislative updates and more

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  • Experience Modification Review

    Accurate Protection provides an in depth analysis of your experience mod. We pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency and severity, and develop specialized loss solutions to address your business’ specific needs. Call us today to reduce your experience mod and discover competitive advantages available to you.

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Our areas of expertise include:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a fixed commodity and a controllable expense. Our job is to ensure that you do not pay a dime more than you have to for coverage. Accurate Protection will provide you with money- saving strategies that reduce your bottom line. We understand how the system really works. Let us teach you how to control your workers’ compensation program, instead of allowing it to control you.

Business Insurance

As licensed insurance professionals, we consider ourselves part of your key advisory team. Accurate Protection will partner with you to perform a thorough analysis of your company. Armed with this information, we provide underwriters with a deeper and richer understanding of your business which allows us to focus them in the proper direction to reduce the costs of your insurance program over a period of time. Our thorough process ensures that you receive an insurance program specifically tailored to your needs at an extremely competitive rate.

Life Insurance

Do others rely on your for financial support? Planning for the future should include how you will provide for them in the event of your death. Put your trust in us. Accurate Protection understands the complexities of life insurance. We are here to help you protect your business, your assets and your family.

Key Person Life Insurance

Many businesses employ at least one essential individual.. What would happen if that talent were lost due to an unexpected death? If you have employees vital to your company’s success, consider Key-Person Life Insurance.In the event that you lose a key person without warning, Key-Person Life Insurance will protect your company’s solvency,

Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement

Executive succession is a chief concern among business owners. What would happen upon the death of one of your company’s owners? How would this loss affect the business, the other owners and the heirs of the deceased owner? A buy-sell agreement will address these concerns and Accurate Protection will help you with funding the agreement.

A buy-sell agreement is a contract among business owners which, upon the death of one of the owners, requires the remaining owners or the company itself to purchase the deceased’s interest in the company according to the agreed upon terms of the contract. It will ensure the continuity of stable and effective ownership, protect the company financially, and ensure that families are financially secure and compensated fairly.

Life insurance is the most common method used to fund a buy-sell agreement. Life insurance ensures that
funds are immediately available if a death occurs and the funds used to buy the deceased’s share are purchased for pennies on the dollar.

Personal Insurance

You worked hard to build your assets – We work equally hard to protect them.
We ask the right questions and listen carefully allowing us to design an insurance program that is specifically tailored to your needs at a competitive price.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Peace of mind – with customized insurance plan designed to protect your assets and financial future;
  • Experience – we work with you to address coverage gaps, overlaps or inadequacies in your insurance program;
  • Expert advice — recommendations for adjusting your coverages as your life changes; and
  • A partnership — we offer ongoing support and we’re here when you need us.

Change happens but our service remains constant. We’re here when you need us, give us a call today!