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  • What We Do

    Accurate Protection reveals unrecognized problems and delivers unanticipated solutions allowing you unforseen opportunities for better protection of your company assets. Our comprehensive view of your insurance program ensures that every avenue for risk mitigation and cost containment is explored.

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  • Risk Management

    Our unique process, Accurate Protection 365, will give you the tools to easily and effectively manage risks, control claim costs, increase safety awareness and build employee morale. We produce positive results that place risk management resources where they yield the highest return.

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  • Accurate Protection Connect

    Accurate Protection Connect is your all access pass to valuable business resources. It is available on demand — 24/7 — through our secure, web-based platform.

    Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    Cost containment, Safety programs, OSHA compliance,Claims reporting, Employee communication,Legislative updates and more.





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  • Access over one thousand documents designed to help you with:

    • Cost containment
    • Safety programs
    • OSHA compliance
    • Claims reporting
    • Employee communication
    • Legislative updates and more

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  • Experience Modification Review

    Accurate Protection provides an in depth analysis of your experience mod. We pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency and severity, and develop specialized loss solutions to address your business’ specific needs. Call us today to reduce your experience mod and discover competitive advantages available to you.

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Your business risk is our most pressing concern, and helping you avoid it is our goal. To that end, we offer a targeted risk management program—complimentary and exclusive to our clients—filled with proven risk-mitigation and avoidance tactics and solutions.

Value Added Services

  • 1,000+ Documents on Demand
  • Customized Employee Communications
  • Safety Program Development and Implementation
  • Industry Specific Safety Manuals
  • Online OSHA Reporting
  • Online Access for Service and Claims

Welcome to Accurate Protection. Our knowledge sets us apart.

Safeguarding your company from potential losses requires more than just the purchase of an insurance policy. We invest ourselves and our time to understand your business and assist you with developing strategies that lower your overall business risk as well as your cost of insurance over an extended period of time. From your first meeting with us throughout your interactions you will see that we strive to consistently go beyond the expected standard routine and deliver results that exceed your expectations.